March 22, 2012

THE OTHERS (University Of Rhode Island - Kingston, RI)

That guy with the tambourine around his leg…he means business. From left: Jim DeStout, Pete Shepley, Mike Patalano, Bob Johnson and Mike Brand. Photo courtesy of 60s Garage Bands site. Used with permission.

Without a doubt the most successful teen garage band from Rhode Island — these University of Rhode Island underclassmen managed to score not one, not two, but three major-label releases during their college existence. "I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye" sports one of the finest guitar riffs ever in the garage punk pantheon, spread to record-collecting minions worldwide in the 1980s via an early Pebbles compilation appearance.

While the two subsequent 45s don't measure up to the aggressive rock and roll of their debut, The Others' followup single contains an excellent Beatles-inspired jangly pop track, "(I Remember) The First Time I Saw You," and the band's final outing ends with the fantastic melancholy pop-psych of "My Friend The Wizard" — comped on the New England Teen Scene Vol. 2 LP back in 1984.

According to the 60s Garage Bands website, The Others consisted of Pete Shepley (lead vocals), Mike Brand (rhythm guitar), Mike Patalano (drums), John Costa (bass and vocals) and Jim DeStout (lead guitar/vocals). They formed during freshman week at the University of Rhode Island in fall 1964, and the immediate "click" was evident: a mere six to seven months later the collegians were already recording their major-label debut. This came about through a connection of Mike Brand's father, New York City manager/promoter Bob Marshall. After an impressive audition, Marshall immediately booked them at the hoppin' Rolling Stone club in NYC for the entire summer of 1965. They even were granted Vox amps in exchange for endorsements!

Vox promotion, summer 1965. Photo courtesy of 60s Garage Bands site. Used with permission.

Through Marshall, the band then auditioned for producer Clyde Otis, who was instrumental in landing the RCA record deal (and co-authored the b-side of their first single). With a major-label 45 and a summer-long NYC club stint under their belt, the Others could safely be called the top rock and roll band in the state, earning opening slots for the major acts which came through town — the Lovin' Spoonful, Animals, Byrds and Left Banke.

As for the vinyl, "I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye" b/w "Until I Heard It From You" was recorded in June 1965 and released that September. The recording session also yielded "(I Remember) The First Time I Saw You" and the unreleased "I Got A Feeling." A few months later, in November 1965, the Others recorded "Lonely Street," which was paired with "I Remember" from the previous session and released in March 1966. (Bassist John Costa left the group in late 1965 to concentrate on his studies, and was replaced by Bob Johnson.) A full year went by before the band headed down to Jubilee Studios in New York to record their two final tracks, "Morning" and "My Friend The Wizard," in November 1966. With college ending in 1968 and the threat of the Vietnam draft, band members went their separate ways. Interesting footnote: Brand and Shepley later formed a band in New York City called Chelsea, of which the drummer was none other than an unmasked Peter Criscuola — a.k.a. Peter Criss of KISS.

Read an in-depth interview with Jim DeStout at the 60s Garage Bands site, and an equally great interview with both Mike Patalano and former fan club president Linda Hill, loaded with photos, over at Fancy Mag!

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The Others' 50th anniversary reunion show took place on Sept. 14, 2014, at the Met Cafe in Pawtucket. The lineup contained original members Jim DeStout (guitar, vocals), John Costa (bass, vocals) and Mike Patalano (drums), and featured old pal Bill Gannon from the Van Goghs on lead vocals, and later Others member and longtime local music writer Bob Angell on guitar and harmonica. Check out loads of pics 'n vids here!

Photo courtesy of 60s Garage Bands site. Used with permission.

I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye / Until I Heard It From You
RCA Victor
(47-8669) 1965

Lonely Street / (I Remember) The First Time I Saw You
RCA Victor
(47-8776) 1966

Morning / My Friend The Wizard
(45-5550) 1967


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  3. Nice article, RIP IT UP! A couple of updates for you. Pete Shepley moved to the Phillipines, and sadly passed away a few months prior to the 50th Reunion concert. We found out right before the concert. And finally, in April 2015, we were greatly honored to be inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame (RIMHOF).

  4. You might also be interested in the following link, which is part of the RIMHOF archives, and has a very detailed bio of the band: