Did They Record?

The following bands were either listed in newspaper articles as competing in a battle of the bands or other live appearance, or remembered by people in other bands at the time. Did they record and press up a demo record back then? Most likely it would have been at New England Recording Studios (Providence), Viscount Studios (Cranston) or Metcalf Studios (New Bedford). If you have any information about any of these groups, please get in touch!

The Artful Dodgers
Benedict and the Traitors
The Better Half
The Druids / Ye Druids (Smithfield High School) *recording from Sugarberry, no records made
The East Coast Central Six
Fire and Water Incorporated
Freddy and the Unknowns
The Hearts Of Stone
Last Chants
The Lost Generation
None Such
The Odds Against Tomorrow
The Outcasts
The Present Tense
The Prophets Of Time
The Six Pence
The Ravens
The Squires
The Take Five
The Tantrums
The Tempest (The Tempests)
The Times
The Unforgiven
The Untouchables
The Wanderers
The Wayfarers
The Younger Generation

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  1. The Times was a W Warwick band that Mike Gleason and Pete Joubert were both in...and later played with members of the Sixpence and Petrified Forrest - Toast. See the Petrified Forrest listing for more of that story. Mike still is active with Sundance and Pete Stevens (Bass) is playing with the Artic Cats.