April 1, 2017

EDEN & THE ADNAPS (University Of Rhode Island - Kingston, RI)

The Adnaps in full Ahab the Arab attire at an International Day dance at URI (undoubtedly would be flagged as politically incorrect five decades later!). From left: Mike Montefusco (lead guitar), Dave Seavey (drums), Dick Cameron (rhythm guitar) and Chip Sayers (bass). Photo courtesy of Mike Montefusco.

Funny how things come about. While speaking to Dave Seavey about his time drumming for The Checkmates in New Hampshire, he mentions that he went to the University of Rhode Island. Being a Rhode Islander, we start to chat about RI music and turns out he had a stint with British Bobby & The Balladeers, even might have played on their “Cape Cod Here We Come” 45. But what really had me intrigued was his college band with the funny name: Eden & The Adnaps, who, he recalled, cut an original tune (turns out it was actually three tunes). Dave graciously rescued said disc from the barn — it was literally stored in a barn, caked in mildew and all — and here we are today.

Eden & The Adnaps consisted of Mike Montefusco on lead guitar, Dick Cameron on rhythm guitar, David Seavey on drums, Chip Sayers on bass and Paul Armstrong on sax. After Chip graduated, Augie “Gus” Hansen was brought on to fill bass duties. (And it's Augie who graces the recording session.) The guys mostly stuck to campus events, however they did perform at the 1964-65 World’s Fair in New York City — unknowingly in company with Florian Monday & The Mondos!

As for the peculiar name, it stems from an inside joke with a band from Mike’s hometown, a backwards reworking of Andy & The Pandas. (Pandas became Adnaps, and Andy was reconstructed from Ydna into Eden.)

A friend of Mike’s family in New York had connections with some NYC studios and arranged studio time at Tower Sound Studios. Three original tracks were recorded and pressed up on a 10” acetate circa late 1964 to early 1965. Too bad the two upbeat tunes, “I'm In Love With A Fink” and “Couldn’t Do That,” weren’t properly waxed at the time, but hey, better to hear them 50 years later than never.

The band stayed active throughout Montefusco’s college career, ending when he graduated in 1968. In an interesting twist, throughout the years Mike has crossed work paths (electrical engineering) with URI alumnus and fellow musician Jim DeStout of The Others.

Band members, relatives and old friends: We'd love more info and photos. Get in touch!

(Left) Dick Cameron, Dave Seavey (drums), Chip Sayers, Mike Montefusco; photo courtesy of Mike Montefusco.
(Right) The recording lineup, at rehearsal in an empty classroom at URI. From left: Dave Seavey (drums), Paul Armstrong (sax), Dick Cameron, Augie “Gus” Hansen, Mike Montefusco; photo courtesy of Augie Hansen.

I'm In Love With A Fink / Someday / Couldn't Do That
Tower Sound Studios
(Unreleased 10" Acetate)

I'm In Love With A Fink

Couldn't Do That



  1. Wow! Just saw this! I'm the guy from The Others that you reference in this article, Jim DeStout. I did run across Mike Montefusco when we were both consulting to the defense industry. Loved the old recordings!

  2. Went with the band to this recording in NYC. Fun to see this.